The Lunchtime Crown

Going to the dentist can be time consuming, especially if you need a crown. But new technology can reduce your time in the chair. Today, you can walk out with a new crown over lunchtime from start to finish thanks to the new digital-based technology now available to patients of Upper East Dental Innovations.

We create a 3D image of the damaged tooth using the on-site Sirona CEREC system. We use CAD/CAM computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing to create a crown while a patient waits usually taking no more than 90 minutes.

Back in the day, the process of getting a crown often necessitated at least two visits with weeks between each one. First, the dentist numbed the area and drilled the tooth, filing it down to make room for the crown. Then, they made an impression of the tooth to send to a lab. The hole in the tooth was covered with a temporary filling while you waited for your crown, which arrived back at the dentist’s office two or three weeks later. Next, You returned for another appointment. The dentist numbed the area, removed the temporary filling and glued the crown in place.

Today the process is reduced to a lunchtime visit.No need for an impression tray. The process starts the same way it used to: the area is numbed, and we drill the tooth to shape it for the crown. But instead of making an impression of the tooth, we use a tiny camera to create a digital image of the drilled tooth. A computer program uses that to construct a 3D image of what the tooth will look like with the ceramic crown in place.

Then all the details the size and shape, the little ridges and indentations are transmitted to a machine in an adjacent room that creates the crown from a solid piece of porcelain. The crown is then hand painted and shown to the patient.  Once completed, your new crown is permanently glued into place.All during your lunch hour.

Dr. Sharde Harvey

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