How Food Affects Your Teeth

  1. Dark ChocolateDespite what you might think, the super dark treat can actually brighten your whites. Tannins (antioxidants found in cacao) prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth while also neutralizing the microorganisms that cause bad breath
  2. Steak. The phosphorus in steak protects tooth enamel and bone. Plus, the constant chewing that comes with red meat also keeps the mouth and gums exercising to keep them strong
  3. Apples, pears and guavas increase salivary production which flushes away stains over time.
  4. Cauliflower and cucumbers also help to increase salivary production, the natural way to flush away stains.
  5. Cheese is rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus, all of which can help safeguard against the acids in your mouth.
  6. Sesame seeds help scrub away plaque.
  7. Salmon provides calcium and vitamin D, nutrients needed for healthy bones and teeth.
  8. Shitake mushrooms help inhibit bacteria from growing in your mouth.
  9. Onions help reduce bacteria that cause tooth decay.
  10. Pineapple acts as a natural stain remover.
Dr. Sharde Harvey

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